Sex Education season 4 introduces a number of brand new characters, as our former Moordale students attempt to make names for themselves at Cavendish Sixth Form.


The educational institution is a far cry from what they're used to, with its student-led approach giving way to progressive policies that encourage everyone to speak openly and embrace their true identity.

One of the key players in forging this environment is Roman (Felix Mufti), a trans-masculine student who is one-half of a Cavendish power couple, along with hyper-optimist Abbi (Anthony Lexa).

Read on to find out more about breakout star Felix Mufti as Sex Education season 4 finally arrives on Netflix.

Who is Felix Mufti?

Felix Mufti and Anthony Lexa as Roman and Abbi in Sex Education season 4
Felix Mufti and Anthony Lexa as Roman and Abbi in Sex Education season 4. Samuel Taylor/Netflix

Age: 22-23

Pronouns: he/him

Instagram: @felixmufti

X (formerly Twitter): n/a

On the Royal Court Theatre website, Mufti is described as a "activist, performer, writer and chaos-causer", who has a particular interest in the medium of "rhythm n’ rap inspired spoken word" poetry.

He also runs a company named Transcend Theatre, which specialises in trans stories.

The artist has been vocal about his transition in the past, opening up to BBC News about the experience in September 2021, revealing his options were limited between long NHS waiting lists and expensive private treatment.

It's an issue explored through the character of Cal (Dua Saleh) in Sex Education season 4.

Mufti said: "If you want to medically transition, you either need a lot of money or time, and who has either of them things in excess? Especially trans people who face a lot of high unemployment rates and things like that.

"Trans people are being expected to live in a way that they don't feel comfortable in and don't feel represented."

In February 2021, National Museums of Liverpool commissioned a poem from Mufti titled Memories Burnt as part of its LGBT+ History Month. Watch below:

What has Felix Mufti said about Sex Education season 4?

As Sex Education season 4 launched around the world, Mufti took to Instagram to share some thoughts.

"my feelings towards today are hard to put into words but i am so proud to be living my scouse POC trans realness on a worldwide platform," his caption read.

"What a blessing to be part of this show that means so much to people and what a blessing it is to be representing my reality to the world."

Who is Roman in Sex Education?

Roman is a student at Cavendish Sixth Form, who has been studying at the school for longer than the incoming Moordale crew.

In that time, he and girlfriend Abbi have become two of the most popular students, along with their close friend Aisha (Alexandra James), who spends most of her time with them.

In stark contrast to Moordale, where the resident stylish clique – comprised of Ruby (Mimi Keene), Olivia (Simone Ashley) and Anwar (Chaneil Kular) – were pretty mean to most people, Cavendish's top trio are known for their kindness.

Sex Education season 4 is available to stream on Thursday 21st September 2023. Sign up for Netflix from £4.99 a month. Netflix is also available on Sky Glass and Virgin Media Stream.

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