Everywhere you look, classic shows and movies are getting rebooted into shiny, new productions. Netflix's new sitcom Fuller House is no different – but for those of you who weren't hooked on American telly in the 90s, you might a few questions. Like...


What's Fuller House? Is it a new show or an old one?

It's a new sitcom from Netflix that is a direct spin-off of an American sitcom from the 90s called Full House. The new show features characters from the previous show, but with a different storyline.

Right, ok. So what's Full House all about?

Full House is about Danny Tanner, a recently widowed man trying to raise his three daughters, DJ, Stephanie and Michelle, in San Francisco, California. Because he has a hard time balancing work and raising his kids, he calls on his best friends Jesse Katsopolis and Joey Gladstone to help him out, and they move into his home, effectively making it a "full house."

Got it. So then what's Fuller House going to be about?

Fuller House is about DJ Tanner-Fuller, Danny Tanner's eldest daughter, recently widowed and trying to raise her three sons, Jackson, Max and Tommy, in San Francisco, California. Because she has a hard time balancing work and raising her kids, she calls on her sister Stephanie and her best friend Kimmy Gibbler to help her out, and they move into her home, effectively making it a "full(er) house." (Again.) Danny, Jesse and Joey also stop by intermittently to help out.

…Am I experiencing déjà vu?

No, the two plots are basically carbon copies of one another. It's like they say — if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Sure. So most of the original cast are coming back, but I didn't see Michelle in the description of the new show

Unfortunately you're correct. In the original series, Michelle was played by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, who went on to become successful teen stars before forging careers in the fashion industry. The two young entrepreneurs were simply too busy and too uncomfortable with acting again to sign on for the new show.

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Well that's a bummer.

You got it, dude.


Oh, sorry. In the old show, characters had catchphrases, like "You got it, dude," or "Have mercy," or "How rude." There were quite a lot, and they will definitely be referencing them throughout the new show, so take note.

Alright. What can I expect from the first episode?

The first episode will feature a family reunion of sorts as everyone gathers at the old Tanner family home where DJ is moving in. When Stephanie recognises that DJ is really struggling with single parenthood, she volunteers to move in with her and help raise the kids.

Sounds good! When can I start watching?

The entire first series will be available to stream on Netflix starting 26th February.


Oh. Well do you have anything I can watch until then?

Sure! Here's the most recent trailer: