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Ever wondered how James Corden's carpool karaoke is actually filmed - without him crashing?

Is James Corden really driving? On actual roads? While interviewing A-listers and singing?

Published: Saturday, 16th January 2016 at 12:36 pm

When we first saw Adele's carpool karaoke we were beside ourselves with excitement. We then watched it approximately 7 times. And then? Well, because we've been wondering how James Corden has been filming his series of amazing carpool karaokes, we had a few questions...


Might we just casually drive past Corden filming a carpool segment one day? Are they filmed on standard streets or do The Late Late Show close off roads?

Is he really driving that car? Or is it on a trailer, while he pretends to turn and check his rear view mirrors? And if he is really driving, how is he interviewing an a-lister AND singing at the same time, without crashing?

What if someone cut him up, or he had some tricky manoeuvring to do? Isn't it dangerous? Couldn't he get in an accident? Is it legal? And wouldn't you want to give the road your utmost attention if you were ferrying around musical royalty like Adele?

Thankfully, the show's producer Ben Winston has calmed our fears...

Corden really is driving the car, but "first of all, we don’t take routes that are difficult," explains Winston, adding that Corden is far from alone on the road: "He’s also got two of our cars ahead of him, and three cars behind him — essentially, a convoy."

And Corden's not driving fast either. "He’s moving at under 20 miles an hour, and we don’t let any other cars around him."


"The second thing is, the cameras are tiny," he tells Vulture. "They’re about the size of your knuckle, and they’re [stuck on] the windshield. So it doesn’t really distract his view. That’s how we do it."


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