Did you notice this really odd thing happening outside Monica’s kitchen in Friends?

It was lurking right under our noses for ten series


Remember that time Friends replaced Rachel with a random stand-in and none of us noticed until they started airing the series in widescreen?


Well, it turns out Ms Green’s body double probably wasn’t the only thing wrong with the picture: The window behind her was causing some continuity problems too.

Eagle-eyed Friends fans over at Hello Giggles were watching old episodes of the series when they spotted something rather mysterious going on in the background.

Remember that window in Monica’s kitchen? Well, if you watch it very closely you’ll notice that things outside it change quite a bit throughout the series.

In the pilot episode, you could see a few buildings behind runaway bride Rachel.


In other episodes, you could see just one building.


And then, there was a whole new building, with a different window.


A washing line full of clothing was also an option.


Or y’know, just a brick wall.


Could it be that in the city of New York, the city that NEVER sleeps, builders are able to demolish and construct new buildings in the blink of an eye?


Nah. It’s a good old continuity error. And it’s really rather amusing.