Derry Girls star Nicola Coughlan “cried and cried” after reading season 3 ending

Bridgerton's Nicola Coughlan says "there's no way people are going to be disappointed" by Derry Girls season three.

Derry Girls (Channel 4)

Nicola Coughlan has revealed that she “cried and cried” after reading the scripts for Derry Girls season three, in which she will reprise her role as Northern Irish schoolgirl Clare Devlin.


Speaking exclusively to ahead of her new comedy audio series, ‘Whistle Through The Shamrocks’, Coughlan said that she begins filming Derry Girls season three this week, after wrapping on Bridgerton season two.

In an interview that took place last Friday 22nd October, Coughlan said she would be “in Belfast filming on Monday morning” for the third and final season of Derry Girls.

Of the third season, she said: “I think it’s a lot more of an epic scale this time. Lisa [McGee, the show’s creator] knew she had huge ambitions with this one, [with] what she wanted to do. She’s a genius. Like, there’s not really any other word for her. She just – everything is so brilliantly balanced and nuanced and the characters, there’s so much detail in every single character in those scripts.”

Asked about James and Erin’s will-they-won’t-they romance, she said: “I don’t think I can say much about specific things like about James and Erin, but I think there’s no way people are going to be disappointed. It’s really magical. I cried and cried and cried when I finished reading the scripts. Because, you know, it’s our last one. It’s bittersweet, but I think we’re sending it off in style.”

In the meantime, Nicola Coughlan will be starring in her all-star comedy audio series, Whistle Through The Shamrocks, co-created with playwright Camilla Whitehill, who also stars.

The six-part audio series is set in Ireland, and the full voice cast includes the likes of Ben Miller, Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness, Brooklyn 99’s Stephanie Beatriz, Susan Wokoma, and Ed Gamble.

Whistle Through The Shamrocks is part of the Acast Creator Network, and episodes drops weekly on Mondays wherever you listen to podcasts, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify, from 1st November 2021.


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