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Dead to Me ending explained - the big twists and what happened in the dramatic second season

The second series of the Netflix black comedy proved to have just as many twists and turns as the first run **CONTAINS SPOILERS**

Published: Wednesday, 13th May 2020 at 6:00 pm

In its first season, Netflix's black comedy Dead to Me proved to be one of the most unpredictable shows going, so the pressure was always going to be on for season two to deliver more shock twists and turns.


Thankfully the show did not disappoint, with viewers left jaw-dropped after some of the latest developments in the story, some of which may need a little further explaining.

So we've provided a brief explanation to all the big twists below - obviously containing some pretty major spoilers about the events of season 2...

One of the biggest twists of all occurred very early on in proceedings, and concerned Steve Wood, Judy's (Linda Cardellini) ex-fiance one of the major characters from the first run.

The end of season one saw Steve apparently killed by Jen (Christina Applegate) - but fans were left expecting a surprise return when James Marsden, who portrayed the character - was glimpsed in the promotion material for series two.

As it turned out, Marsden was actually playing a separate character, Steve's identical twin brother Ben, who ends up forming a romantic relationship with Jen - we certainly didn't see that one coming!

For much of the rest of the series, we see Judy and Jen trying to cover up the murder of Steve, going to great lengths to ensure that they are not caught - including disposing of his body.

Things got more complicated for the pair when Jen's older son Charlie was caught taking Steve's car for a joyride - making him a key suspect in the disappearance.

Dead to Me
Dead to Me

However, eventually Jen decided that she would confess her guilt, turning herself into Detective Ana Perez and offering to alert her to the whereabouts of Steve's corpse - although she was unable to retrace her steps and find the spot he was buried.

Instead of arresting Jen on the spot, though, Perez has something of a change of heart - letting her go, no doubt partly as a result of the fact that evidence had been handed in that firmly tied Steve to the mafia.

And so it seemed that Jen and Judy were in the clear - that they had got away with the murder after all. But of course, in a show like Dead to Me it was never going to be that simple, and the series ended in a way which mirrored the events that set the whole show in motion in the first place: with a car crash.

Ben, who we earlier saw taking a phone call before getting into his car - while clearly over the limit, no less - had crashed into the side of Jen and Judy's car, and as the series ended we were left with no idea of whether it was deliberate or accidental.

This will almost certainly form the basis for a third series if one is commissioned by Netflix, while we can also expect to see more of Charlie, who ends season two knowing far more about Jen and Judy's murderous activities than he was supposed to...


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