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David Walliams to play the Prime Minister in new Sky comedy The Queen and I

The show is be based on Sue Townsend’s book which imagines the Royal Family living a normal life on a council estate after Britain becomes a Republic

Britain's Got Talent judges 2018: David Walliams
Published: Friday, 21st September 2018 at 2:15 pm

David Walliams is to star in a new comedy about the Royal Family forced to live on an urban housing estate after Britain becomes a Republic.


The Britian’s Got Talent judge, actor and writer will play Prime Minister Jack Barker in the comedy which is based on Sue Townsend’s much-loved 1992 book, The Queen and I.

More casting will be announced in due course for the 90-minute comedy which is expected to air on Sky One over the upcoming Christmas holiday period.

In the film the People’s Republican Party is elected to power and the monarchy is dismantled by Walliams’ unfathomably popular Prime Minister. He manages to convince the electorate to vote for a republic by sending subliminal messages through their television sets.

The Royals are then evicted from Buckingham Palace and forced to slum it as normal citizens in the new regime.

Their new home is Hellebore Close - nicknamed Hell Close by the locals and the Queen and her family are forced to learn some harsh lessons very quickly.

Executive producer Jo Sargent said: “The Queen and I is a truly unique, feature-length adaptation of the late Sue Townsend’s original novel and we are so proud to be bringing her incredible work to the screen."

The Queen and I will air on Sky One around Christmas 2018



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