David Hasselhoff to make Curb Your Enthusiasm-style comedy for Dave

Hoff the Record is a spoof documentary series following a fictionalised version of the star as he tries to rescue his career in the UK

Baywatch and Knight Rider actor David Hasselhoff is to star as himself in a semi-improvised comedy for Dave.


Hoff the Record will be a six-part series that centres on the life of “the Hoff” – a fictionalised version of the actor, set 30 years after he made his name with popular teatime drama Knight Rider.

Following five divorces – the real Hasselhoff has been through a mere two – and some misguided career decisions, the series sees Hoff moving to the UK to try to get his career back on track. The identity of his co-stars are expected to be revealed soon.

Hoff the Record follows in the footsteps of perhaps the greatest improvised, semi-fictional TV comedy of them all – HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm – which charts the grouchy adventures of its real-life star Larry David.

Hasselhoff joked: “When I made Baywatch, I dreamed of one day having my own show on a channel named after me. Hoff The Record is coming soon to the UK, only on Dave. They did name the channel after me, right?”

UKTV commissioning editor Iain Coyle, said the show was “funny, clever and bizarre – in a good way”.


The series, made by An Idiot Abroad producer Me & You Productions, is scheduled to air next year.