Daniel Radcliffe gets soaked playing Innuendo Bingo

The Harry Potter star just can't keep a straight face...

It’s our favourite ever water-based game. Radio 1’s genius concept Innuendo Bingo, which sees celebrities, and Scott Mill’s radio show star Chris Stark, try not to laugh at accidental innuendos while their mouths are full of water.


Today, though, the game got a whole lot better, when Harry Potter and What If star Daniel Radcliffe took his place on the waterproof tarpaulin, plastic cup in hand.  It was a surreal and somewhat unlikely moment – Scott Mills seemed a little confused as to how they’d managed to persuade the 25-year-old star to play along – but an enthusiastic Radcliffe seemed very game to get covered in Stark’s spit.

To make it an extra special – and extra wet – game, Mills pulled some old innuendo classics out of the bag, as well as a few new funnies. By the end of the game, featuring back passages, biscuit bashing, cyclists being blown off on their way to work and something rude about Stephen Fry helping his cousin off a horse, Radcliffe was SOAKED.

Here are a few of our favourite moments…

Watch the video:



Daniel Radcliffe stars in new rom-com What If, in UK cinemas 20th August