Da Ali G Show – five of the most awkward moments

Da Rezurection: Da Ali G Show is to be revamped for comedy channel Fox FXX, meaning we get to enjoy cringeworthy moments like these all over again…

Check it! Sacha Baron Cohen is cooking up brand new introductions to Da Ali G Show as US comedy channel Fox FX signs up to host old episodes. Booyakasha!


Good grief, we can’t keep that up.

Cohen will produce new footage starring his alter ego, the self-appointed head of the “Staines Massive”, who the actor had seemingly waved goodbye to six years ago.

As part of the deal, Fox will also get first option on any new material, Ali G or otherwise, Cohen produces.

Of Ali G: Da Rezurection FX executive Nick Grad says he’s “excited” to bring Sacha’s character to “a new audience”.

With Ali G’s inability to know the line even exists, let alone worry about crossing it, audiences will be treated to such cringeworthy moments as these, which, as you can imagine, are packed full of adult content…

Ali G talks dangerous drugs

Ali G shares his views on marriage, lesbians and abortion 

Ali G’s thoughts on education and bullying

Ali G on feminism 

Ali G talks about money