Comic Relief – A history of Red Noses

Celebrate Red Nose Day with a gallery featuring every nose since 1988

The breadth of Comic Relief’s creativity nose no bounds. Just take a look at the gallery below for proof. To celebrate Red Nose Day – starting tonight at 7pm on BBC1 – we’ve collected images of each and every Red Nose ever issued.


They range from a simple but elegant scarlet sphere to noses with hands, with hair and even noses that changed colour. This year, there are nine futuristic noses to choose from (or to collect – it is, after all, for charidee), ranging from extra-terrestrial Snorbit to Supernose (forced to flee to Planet Earth when Planet Red blew up). 

Now prepare yourself for a nostalgic trip down memory lane (or an important history lesson) as we look back at these colourful nasal accoutrements from through the years… 



Red Nose Day 2015 is on Friday 13th March. Find out how you can take part here.