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Channel 5 get EVEN MORE extreme!

Extreme Railways with Chris Tarrant looks set to shunt Extreme Fishing with Robson Green off the white-knuckle-commission-o-meter logo
Published: Thursday, 23rd August 2012 at 1:53 pm

Extreme ironing? How passe. Extreme angling? I think not. Extreme trainspotting? Now you're talking...


Yes, if you thought actor Robson Green’s Extreme Fishing was as daring as television could get, think again, because Channel 5 has just turned the white-knuckle-commission-o-meter up to eleven by today announcing the imminent arrival of a programme positively bubbling over with derring-do – it's Extreme Railways with Chris Tarrant.

Green’s “supercharged Geordie fishing enthusiasm” and death-defying encounters with “the scariest, most powerful fish on earth” wil surely pale into insignificance once Mr Who Wants to be a Millionaire introduces us to the most terrifying mass transit systems the world can throw at him.

Channel 5 promises a different expedition in every edition of the series, many of which will see “keen traveller” Chris, “meeting the passengers and people who work on railways which cross some of the most extreme environments on earth.”

Fasten your seatbelts because “he will discover the history of the railways and find out how they were built… often against all the odds”!

“Driven by his passion and curiosity Chris sees how ingenuity, engineering skills and occasionally just sheer determination have overcome the harshest environmental odds - to build and run these remarkable railway lines.”

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