Catastrophe viewers ponder ambiguous ending as they celebrate and mourn the black comedy

A debate is already raging about the meaning behind that final scene

Rob (Rob Delaney) and Sharon (Sharon Horgan) in Catastrophe

The last-ever episode of Catastrophe has left fans deeply unsettled – and already missing Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan’s special brand of comedy.


An ambiguous final scene saw the couple swimming off into the New England sunset together after Sharon discovered she was pregnant again. Leaving the kids in the car, Rob ditched his clothes and followed her into the sea, despite the riptide warning signs on the beach.

So… did they drown? Did the kids overheat in the car? Or did Rob and Sharon swim against the current and make it back to the shore? Fans weren’t sure.

But some had more faith in Rob and Sharon, and were convinced it was the perfect metaphor for the whole series.

Still, as we continue to puzzle it out, others appreciated the ambiguous ending.


But above all: Catastrophe fans are really going to miss the show…

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