Brian Pern will be back for a third series… but on BBC4

Simon Day and Michael Kitchen will be back for another look at the lead singer of Thotch, can reveal

Simon Day’s hilarious prog rocker Brian Pern is coming back for a third series of of A Life in Rock, can reveal.


But like all good rock revivals he’s not doing it the conventional way.

Following last year’s BBC2 series, he’s back where he started – on BBC4 – which BBC insiders say is regarded as a “better fit” for the new three-parter which charts his life in his 45th anniversary year.

One confirmed returnee is Pat Quid, the guitarist played by Paul Whitehouse who revealed at one point in series one:  “I was very unfortunate in that I was born to very loving and rich parents and I never wanted for anything. I think that’s held me back”.

Nigel Havers’ Tony Pebblé is also in line for a potential comeback too, as is Michael Kitchen in his turn as Pern’s arrogant and unpleasant manager John Farrow who enjoys telling people to “f**k off”.

A host of famous rock musician guest stars are expected to be named, following appearances from the likes of Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt and Peter Gabriel in previous series. But the BBC is keeping quiet about who is in line for a cameo.

However a spokeswoman does promise that “this new series reveals more about Brian, Thotch and their private lives than ever before”.

Pern told that he’s “delighted” to have another chance “to remind people how I shaped rock music over the last 45 years.”.

His manager Gary Farrow (aka actor Michael Kitchen) added: “We are so pleased that Brian has been allowed more airtime to remind us how great he was and continues to be. I’d like to thank BBC Four for offering more money (and viewers) than SKY ARTS   SKY ARTS HD, SKY ARTS 2, SKY ARTS 2 HD, SKY ARTS + 1, SKY ARTS HD + 1, SKY ARTS 2 HD+1 and VH-1 for the opportunity.”

Writer and creator Rhys Thomas said: “I am thrilled that Brian Pern is returning to BBC Four, though it has been hard to celebrate since receiving numerous death threats from certain members of Genesis and a mechanic from Mike and The Mechanics. I’d like to thank the landlord of our safe house for being so kind and the police for their continued support.” 


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