Pern will return! Yes, that's right rock lovers, Brian Pern, the ageing rocker and man who invented world music, will be returning with a move to BBC2, can reveal.


A new three-part series of the rock mockumentary is scheduled for the end of the year and will see Fast Show alumnus Simon Day reprise the part of the former front man of fictional prog rock band Thotch. The first series aired on BBC4 and its elevation to BBC2 is a sure sign of the faith that BBC bosses have in it.

The working title of series two is Rock Apocalypse with Brian Pern and episode one will focus on the history of the Christmas song as Brian plans to release his own Yuletide composition.

Episode two focuses on the history of music festivals… as Brian wants to launch his own festival. And episode three will focus on the history of the jukebox musical because, not surprisingly, Brian is preparing to produce one himself.

The deal for the new series has not yet been signed and names have yet to be confirmed.

However, one likely returnee is Pat Quid, the guitarist played by Paul Whitehouse who revealed at one point in series one: “I was very unfortunate in that I was born to very loving and rich parents and I never wanted for anything. I think that’s held me back”.

Nigel Havers’ Tony Pebble (with an acute accent on the ‘e’ and pronounced "Peblay") is in line for a potential comeback too, as is Michael Kitchen in his turn as Pern’s arrogant and unpleasant manager John Farrow who tells everyone (even Glastonbury legend Michael Eavis) to “f**k off”.

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A host of famous rock musician guest stars are expected to be named, although it is not clear whether we will see Peter Gabriel again.

He was one of the main satirical targets of the original series, but was also shown to be in on the joke – appearing in episode three on a Segway scooter.

“He loves it,” Day told “When you meet him he is a really nice guy, not a pompous t**t.”

Presumably the same can be said of Rick Wakeman and Phil Collins who also appeared in series one....


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