It's been three years since we've sat down to Christmas with the Birds of a Feather crew and they are more welcome at our place this year than they've ever been.


The spectre of coronavirus has overshadowed everyone's year to a greater or lesser degree and the pandemic has been worked into the narrative of the Birds of a Feather Christmas special, in a comedic way. How could it be any other way when Dorien and Tracey get together?

Sadly, Sharon will not be involved in the special – she's stuck on a cruise on the other side of the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Actually, BOAF star Pauline Quirke ruled herself out of the special due to other work commitments.

While Sharon will be missed the antics of Tracey and Dorien, including her new bloke Graeme, played by onetime Family Fortunes host Les Dennis, are destined to keep us entertained.

When is the Birds of a Feather Christmas special on TV?

The Christmas special – titled 'We Gotta Get Out of this Place' – will air at 9.15pm on Christmas Eve (Thursday, 24th December) on ITV.

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Birds of a Feather cast

The core of the Birds of a Feather cast are the three old friends, Tracey Stubbs (Linda Robson), Dorien Green (Lesley Joseph) and Sharon (Pauline Quirke), and their various fallings out and back in. Sadly, Sharon is stuck on a cruise that's been becalmed by the pandemic on the other side of the world.

The producers are hoping to fill the Sharon-shaped hole in with comedy with guest star Les Dennis as Dorien’s new flame Graeme, a cameo from comedy actor Curtis Walker, as well as Ami Metcalf playing Jordan, a young friend of Tracey’s who is in danger of having the most miserable Christmas, spending it alone in lockdown. A true to life storyline, then.

Why isn't Pauline Quirke in the Birds of a Feather Christmas special?

It's hard to imagine Birds of a Feather without Sharon Theodopolopodous and her dodgy enterprises. But actress Pauline Quirke ruled herself out of the Christmas special because she is so busy running her 200 performing arts academies – the PQA schools are located all across Britain.

We hope the actress will return for any future editions of the ITV comedy which first aired in 1989 and became a national institution throughout the '90s.

Birds of a Feather Christmas special plot

As alluded to, Birds of a a Feather doesn't shy away from coronavirus and while Sharon has been sunning herself at sea Tracey and Dorien have been driving each other certifiable while holed up together at our favourite Essex address… Imagine a week isolating with Dorien, never mind months.

Details are limited about the plot but we do know that Dorien has a new tomboy, Graeme, played by Les Dennis.

Joseph said: "I'm so excited to be putting Dorien's high heels back on for a Christmas special of Birds. It's been three years since viewers last saw us and Dorien's only gone and got herself a new man! We all need a laugh right now and I promise this special will deliver the festive goods!”

Robson added: “I'm so happy we have a new Birds adventure. Trace and Dor have been at loggerheads with each other for months, will it be a peaceful Christmas in Essex?! The script for this special is brilliant, I promise we'll have lots of laughs for fans of the show."

Is there a trailer for the Birds of a Feather Christmas special?

There is no trailer available for the special yet, but we'll update the article as soon as one is released.

Who is behind the Birds of a Feather Christmas special?

The lifelong creative team of Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran have once again penned the Birds of a Feather special. The duo – who also count Goodnight Sweetheart and The New Statesman among their accomplishments – created BOAF in the late 1980s and the series about the wives of a couple of criminals scored audiences of 12 million in its first series.

Hard to believe now, but Birds of a Feather caused controversy at the time because the audience was unused to watching women on television talking openly about sex.

The writing duo said, in a statement: "We’re really excited to help bring Birds of a Feather back to ITV's screens to give the nation some seasonal cheer in these peculiar times."


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