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What is the best Alan Partridge moment of all-time? Vote now!

One of the UK's most famous broadcasters is hitting a milestone – and we're celebrating his big birthday in RT Rewind.

Alan Partridge
Published: Wednesday, 24th March 2021 at 4:13 pm

Having tried his hand at chat shows, documentaries, a sitcom, morning radio and even a podcast, Alan Partridge is quite possibly one of the most accomplished broadcasters on British television.


The comedy character portrayed by Steve Coogan marks his 30th anniversary in 2021 and doesn't seem to be slowing down, with a second series of This Time confirmed to be on the way later this year.

Partridge first appeared on the satirical news programme On The Hour, which aired on BBC Radio 4 in August 1991, created in collaboration with acclaimed writer Armando Iannucci (The Thick Of It).

In the decades since, he has had us in hysterics more times than we can count, which made putting together a poll of his best moments quite the challenge.

After making some tough decisions, has narrowed down the selection to 10 choices, ranging from Partridge's screen debut in The Day Today all the way up to more recent endeavours such as Alpha Papa and This Time.

Now, it's down to you to decide on Alan's brightest moment ahead of the character's milestone birthday this summer by voicing your opinion in the poll below.

While we have been able to source official clips for most entries in the poll, this was not possible in every case, so you can refresh your memory on those missing options below.

  • Alan Partridge's World Cup Countdown to '94: As one of the standout moments of Alan's appearance in The Day Today, this montage was a showcase for the presenter's inept football commentary.
  • Alan Partridge vs Yvonne Boyd: Not featured in the above clip is a hilarious sequence in which Alan lambasts Boyd's eccentric new fashion line inspired by "the futility of mortality".
  • Alan Partridge gets a job at Tesco: This segment featured in Alan's Scissored Isle documentary for Sky Atlantic saw the broadcaster learn about life inside a supermarket and discover his natural talent for till work.
  • Alan attempts to climb through a window: One of the most memorable scenes from Alpha Papa saw Alan attempt to gain entry to the besieged North Norfolk Digital building, only to get his belt hooked on a window latch.
  • Alan meets his lookalike: While hosting an episode of This Time, Alan was surprised to be confronted by someone with an uncanny resemblance to himself: an Irish farmer named Martin Brennan, who insists on singing a certain song.

The character of Alan Partridge has evolved substantially over the years, with some fans favouring the absurd humour of the early years, while others gravitate towards the more grounded version that has emerged recently.

The results of this poll will be published at a later date here on, so get voting and sharing to give your favourite the best chance at winning.


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