The Thick of It was a critically acclaimed political satire series focusing on the stressful daily lives of cabinet ministers and their morally ambiguous behaviour. The series shows the press and public being manipulated by a small fictional team of incompetent politicians and civil servants.

The series has won numerous awards including several BAFTAs, and a spin-off film called In The Loop was released in 2009.

Where can I watch The Thick of It online?

You can watch The Thick of It on BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play or Sky, or you can buy episodes on iTunes. Alternatively, you could buy the DVD box set.

What is The Thick of It about?

The Thick of It is a comedy series that shows the difficult decisions faced by British politicians and the questionable way in which they go about their jobs, from press manipulation to secret confessions of hatred for the public. The cutthroat world of politics is revealed as characters jump ship from failing parties and exploit their personal relationships for the benefit of their careers.

All this drama is wrapped up in an exquisite comedic delivery, especially by Peter Capaldi whose cutting insults for his colleagues as Malcolm Tucker reveal relationships in the office that are far from professional...

Who's in the cast of The Thick of It?

The cast of The Thick of It includes Peter Capaldi as Malcolm Tucker, Director of Communications – Capaldi was the twelfth Doctor in Doctor Who and is distantly related to pop singer Lewis Capaldi.

Chris Langham plays MP Hugh Abbot, who is also the Secretary of State for Social Affairs and a failing father who barely manages to see his children. He is replaced in his cabinet role in series three by MP Nicola Murray, played by Rebecca Front of Humans.

Glenn Cullen is played by James Smith, who played Clive in Grandma's House, whilst Terri Coverly is played by Joanna Scanlan, who played Sandra in Hold the Sunset and starred in Bridget Jones' Baby.

How many seasons of The Thick of It are there?

There are four seasons making a total of 23 episodes, plus a spin-off film called In the Loop.

Who wrote The Thick of It?

The Thick of It was written by a team headed by Armando Iannucci, who also directed the series. The other writers were Jesse Armstrong, Roger Drew, Simon Blackwell, Sean Gary, Ian Martin, Will Smith (the English stand-up comedian, not the American actor) and Tony Roche.

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Where was The Thick of It set?

The Thick of It was set in London, mostly in the offices of the fictional MP Hugh Abbot and his colleagues, until Abbot was replaced by Nicola Murray.

Peter Capaldi as Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It
Peter Capaldi as Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It BBC

How accurate is The Thick of It? Who is it based on?

The Thick of It portrays an accurate representation of what life in politics is like according to Bernard Jenkin, chairman of the Public Administration Select Committee. Jenkin claimed that the series had "more than a grain of truth" - that's worrying, as although watching the antics of a government as incompetent and self-serving as that of The Thick of It is hilarious, the real-life consequences are anything but funny.

There was speculation that Peter Capaldi's character, Malcom Tucker, was based on Alastair Campbell, but Capaldi told Radio Times that in fact the character's behaviour was based on that of American agents and producers.

More generally, the show satirises politicians of all parties and although the show does not explicitly state which party is which, it is implied that Swteart Pearson and Phil Smith represent the Conservative party alongside Emma Messinger, whose ex-boyfriend Ollie Reeder works for the Labour Party. Also in Labour are Hugh Abbot, Nicola Murray and Malcom Tucker.