BBC sends Frankie Boyle to Russia ahead of the World Cup

Comedian to investigate the truth about the nation behind the headlines in Frankie Goes to Russia

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With stories of spy deaths, hooliganism, election rigging and a World Cup hitting the headlines, the BBC has decided to send our hardest comedian to Russia: Frankie Boyle.


In Frankie Goes to Russia, the comic will examine the stereotypes and half-truths of Russian football and culture over two hour-long programmes which will air on BBC2 just before the World Cup tournament starts.

The programmes will include visits to several of the host cities and the discovery of the Soviet-era drunk tanks that are being brought out of retirement for unruly fans.

Frankie also heads to Kaliningrad, the seaside town preparing to host the England team, and visits a city twinned with Glasgow, that is renowned for its football violence.

“Wanting to find out how much football really means to people in Russia, Frankie risks life and limb with a daredevil motorbike football team, records a World Cup rap with a hip hop artist and learns how to inflict serious bodily harm with some sabre wielding Cossacks who will be policing the World Cup stadiums,” said the BBC in a statement.


Sounds interesting.