BBC goes to the dogs with new comedy

Scanlan and Pepperdine, the duo behind the hit comedy Getting On, commissioned to make new dog-based comedy for BBC4

Vicki Pepperdine and Jo Scanlon, the creators of the hit BBC4 comedy Getting On, have been commissioned to make a full series set in the world of dogs, can reveal.


The BBC 4 comedy will air next year and is expected to explore the weirdnesses and foibles of people obsessed with man’s best friend.

The characters are expected to include dog trainers and dog owners and a full announcement will be made this afternoon by the BBC.

The news reflects the growing kudos of the comedy writers after US cable network HBO ordered a pilot based on the pairs bittersweet BBC4 comedy Getting On which will be overseen by the creators of drama series Big Love, Mark Olsen and Will Scheffer.


The show, which originated in the UK in 2009, was created by the pair alongside Jo Brand. All three starred in the programme as a trio of put-upon nurses working on a ward at an over-stretched NHS hospital.