Arrested Development series 4: cryptic character posters revealed

See a collection of in-joke packed poster art from the show's upcoming fourth season which will appear on Netflix on Sunday 26 May

Here’s fun for Arrested Development fans: Netflix has just released a collection of in-joke packed character posters ahead of the show’s upcoming fourth series.


Each graphic features an iconic prop from the show’s history, all of which are connected in some way with the cult sitcom’s characters. For instance, one of the posters reads “never say never” above a picture of a pair of denim hotpants.  Which, as fans of the show will know, is a sly reference to AD character Tobias Fünke’s ‘Never Nude’ medical condition – an ailment that compels him to wear a pair of Daisy Duke-style cutoffs under his clothing at all times.

All 15 episodes of Arrested Development’s fourth series will be released simultaneously on Netflix on Sunday 26 May.

But in the meantime, why not keep yourself entertained by seeing how many more references you can work out in the poster gallery below?