Arrested Development: Meet Lindsay Bluth

A quick guide to the only daughter of the Bluths, played by Portia de Rossi

Lindsay (played by Portia de Rossi) is very much the alpha-female of the Bluth family. She is the beautiful and entirely unlikely wife of Tobias, mother of Maeby, and only daughter of Lucille and George – albeit not biologically. Lindsay’s inclusion in the family is due to George wanting to get one up on his business rival Stan Sitwell, adopting his daughter from him and raising Lindsay and Micheal to be twins, which Lindsay only discovers at the end of series 3.


Being born into this level of competitiveness certainly takes effect on the adult Lindsay, who lives an extremely cavalier and hedonistic lifestyle, often forgetting she is Tobias’ wife and Maeby’s mother at all. Her and Tobias’ relationship throughout the series is, at best, viewed as questionable, with the pair not seeming to have any mutual attraction to each other whatsoever, being stifled by a history of repressed self-esteem, mutual disdain, and little denim shorts. Maeby’s existence is most likely due to the pair’s requited love for a petri dish and a test tube, although we never properly find out.

Growing up under Lucille’s ego-stripping mothering techniques leave the adult Lindsay hungry for success and status, purposely marrying a man catastrophically unsuited to her to annoy her mother. Her blasé approach to her family also extends to her work life which is virtually non-existent, instead using the Bluth family income to fund her apparent desire to own the entire wardrobe from Dynasty. She is a staunch environmentalist and remains outwardly passionate about her views, but her materialistic pleasures tend to overpower any attempts at good-will she attempts to dabble in. As such, she often engages in a lifestyle of upscale restaurants and hosting non-committal charity events, despite being about as much use to charity as Midge Ure was to Live Aid.

Sample quote

“Great. So we don’t have a car or a jet? Why don’t I just take an ad out in I’m Poor Magazine”? 


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