Alan Partridge “statue” to be erected in Norwich

"Like me, the statue is strong, implacable, like a kindly Vladimir Putin," said Partridge, who described the honour as "a relief"

At last, Norwich’s favourite son is to receive the recognition he deserves. A statue of Alan Partridge is to be erected in pride of place outside the city’s popular Chapelfield shopping centre (ostensibly as a fundraising device for Comic Relief but actually as a long-overdue honour to the well-loved broadcaster).


“While there’s nothing comic about my statue, it’s a relief to have finally been recognised through the medium of sculpture,” said Partridge cleverly.

“Like me, the statue is strong, implacable, like a kindly Vladimir Putin – if you can imagine such a thing – with a shirt on,” he added.

“And, like me, it’ll no doubt be dumped on repeatedly! Although by pigeons, rather than fellow broadcasters,” he added, again.

Rather than marble or bronze (these days widely considered old-fashioned and impractical statue-building materials), the almost-life-sized Partridge is made of a strong but light weather-proof material, echoing Alan’s own sturdy yet limber constitution.


Along with other celebrity likenesses, the Alan Partridge statue will be collecting £1 donations for Comic Relief ahead of Red Nose Day on 13th March.