Alan Partridge has a new boss in exclusive Mid Morning Matters clip

The North Norfolk Digital DJ is back and he's feeling "carbonated"


Alan Partridge is back. After three long years, North Norfolk Digital’s iconic radio DJ returns to the airwaves with more Mid Morning Matters.


The last time we saw Alan in his big screen debut Alpha Papa he was caught up in the midst of a siege. Thankfully, he’s back to more mundane matters in this exclusive clip.

That’s not to say he’s not afraid to take on the big issues: Alan’s talking fizzy pop and the problems concerning multi packs being sold separately. It’s serious stuff.


We also get an introduction to his new boss, “one man Soda Stream” Craig, who is, according to Alan, “20% Steve Jobs, 10% Jesus, 50% Peter Sissons, a splash of Gandhi (no need to measure that).”

Mid Morning Matters began life as a web series, before airing on Sky Atlantic in 2012. The new series is set to air on Sky Atlantic at 10pm on 16th February.