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A computer is writing new, wonderfully weird Friends scripts

Chandler: Well, I proposed to my shoe...

Published: Friday, 22nd January 2016 at 7:36 am

Scientists tell us that in the not-too-distant future, all we will have to keep us warm in our fall-out bunkers will be a single VHS copy of The One Where No-One's Ready and enough soy-bean emergency rations to keep us alive and miserable for years.


Good news! The dystopia is here today!

What you're looking at there is a computer learning how to write Friends. Software developer Andy Herd fed every single script into a neural network, and it promptly started churning out surreal fan-fiction.

An example:

Chandler: (in a muffin) (Runs to the girls to cry) Can I get some presents.

“It works by predicting the next letter to follow a given sequence of letters," he told the Daily Beast, "the predictions are determined by what it learned about language from the Friends dialogue provided."


He's now considering feeding Seinfeld and Frasier through the same system. So when the apocalypse comes, know that the Terminators won't sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but Niles Crane.


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