7 Days in Hell tennis mockumentary shows what Americans really think of Wimbledon

HBO defiles SW19 in the hilarious trailer for the new comedy starring Andy Samberg and Kit Harington

Every Brit knows that summer and Wimbledon go together like strawberries and cream, but apparently, some Americans think it’s all just a little bit ridiculous. Shocking, we know.


While sipping our morning Earl Grey tea we came across the trailer for HBO’s new tennis mockumentary 7 Days in Hell, where we learned that the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club might not be quite as sacred as Sue Barker would have us think… 

The film, which will air in the UK on Sky Atlantic, tells the ‘story’ of the longest ever match in tennis history, a seven-day Rally Royale between US star Aaron Williams (played by Brooklyn Nine Nine’s Andy Samberg) and his posh English rival Charles Poole (Game Of Thrones star Kit Harrington).

Williams is the bad boy of American tennis, flipping the bird at the royal box and canoodling with a streaker on the hallowed Centre Court turf. Well, the umpire did call ‘Love’.

An array of sporting greats from John McEnroe to Serena Williams turn up to dish the dirt on the fictitious match, proving that the US isn’t short of tennis stars willing to take the mick out of SW19’s prissy sensibilities.

But what really takes the deuce is that Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan and Masters of Sex star Michael Sheen both make appearances in the show (although not in this trailer).

Are the Scots and Welsh perhaps bitter about it being called the All England Club? Right, that’s it: there’s a line, and they’ve crossed it. Out!


7 Days in Hell comes to Sky Atlantic in July