You can now take selfies in World of Warcraft

You heard us...

Here’s a zen koan for you: is a selfie still a selfie if it’s not of yourself? Here’s another: in a world where selfies have even infiltrated video games, is beauty still possible?


World of Warcraft, the massively multiplayer role playing game/crippling addiction, has added a selfie camera, letting players take awkwardly posed photographs of their elves, dwarves and other characters.

The S.E.L.F.I.E. is only unlocked after completing a grand quest, just like in real life. Also included in the 6.1 update are some Instagram style filters and new character models for Blood Elves, so they look their very best in those selfies. Then they can tweet them, with the game’s new Twitter integration.

There’s more.

You can make your character do ‘duckface’ in the selfies. Some people play as werewolves. You can now take a selfie of yourself as a werewolf doing duckface.

Our language has broken. It can’t cope.


Upcoming features for 6.2: ye olde cronuts, photobombing (with actual bombs) and the feeling that your culture has pushed you out of the car and left you sprawled at the side of the road.