Xbox Series X price leaks – and it’ll make quite a dent in your wallet

Xbox Series X is set to launch in November and it comes with a hefty price tag.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X could cost gamers close to $600 – the highest price at launch for the Xbox ever.


Microsoft itself hasn’t confirmed how much the next-gen console costs – and the Xbox Series X release is still three months away – but a retailer may have leaked the price.

Speaking on Kinda Funny Xcast, host Alanah Pearce, who is also a journalist, revealed an anonymous source directed her towards a listing that marked Xbox Series X priced at $599. That would mean the UK price would be about £455.

Microsoft hasn’t officially confirmed the price.

You can listen to Pearce’s comments below.

“I did also have someone who works at a retail store DM a picture of their work screens where it said that the price of the Xbox Series was $599,” Pearce said. “And that was in their system, and he sent me a photo of that.”

Of course, this could just be a placeholder rather than an indicative price, with three months still to go until the Xbox Series X release.

If the cost is correct though that’s quite a high price tag for gamers – especially as there hasn’t been any news of big first-party releases. Halo Infinite has also been delayed to 2021.

However, it does appear Microsoft is releasing a cheaper version called Xbox Series S.

If you pit it against the PlayStation 5 price, thought to be €499 after a French retailer leak, it’s still quite pricey. The digital edition also cropped up at the cheaper price of €399. In UK terms that’s £447 and £360, which isn’t too far off the Xbox Series X price.

The price would also make the Xbox Series X price the highest Xbox launch price in the console’s history. Last time this happened Sony priced up the PS3 which didn’t go down too well with fans.

The PS3 was released at $600 for the 60GB model at launch, which many thought was too much.


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