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How to change the language on Disney Plus – there’s more than one way

Comment changer la langue sur Disney Plus

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We don’t all speak the same language and as such, you may find that you wish to watch the many shows and movies on Disney Plus in a language other than English.


Happily, the streamer has many language choices available to you on much of its content. As for what is on there, thanks to Star on Disney Plus, which is now available on the streaming platform. You now have a heck of a lot more to watch thanks to the influx of new Disney+ Star content.

But if you want to watch any of that in, say French or Spanish, we’ve got you covered with how to do it.

How to change the language on Disney Plus

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The process of doing this is, thankfully, relatively simple and it will not take you much time to do it.

First up, here is how to change the language for individual shows and movies:

  • First, open up either the Disney Plus app or the website then head to the movie or show you want to watch.
  • As it starts playing, immediately hit pause and then select settings which is in the top right corner of the screen.
  • You’ll now see a screen with two columns, on the left is language and on the right is subtitles.
  • Choose what language you want to (and do the same if you want subtitles) and when that is done, back out to what you were watching and it will now be playing in your language of choice!

To change the language on your profile, just follow these easy steps:

  • First, open up either the Disney Plus app or the website then head to the movie or show you want to watch.
  • Click my profile in the top right-hand corner (bottom right if you are in the app)
  • Select ‘Edit Profiles’
  • You’ll see a pencil icon by each of your profiles. Select the one you want to amend.
  • At the bottom of what comes up will be ‘App Language’ here you can choose what language you want.
  • Now press the blue save button and you’re done!

How much is Disney Plus?

Disney Plus increased in subscription prices in tandem with the launch of Star – but, in our humble opinion, both the monthly and yearly rates are still excellent value for money. And if you choose the annual plan, you’ll save £15.98.


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