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Step into a real Doctor Who Dalek adventure in new VR game footage

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time throws you right into the Doctor’s journeys – and new introductory footage has shown off just how the immersive game will work

Published: Friday, 2nd August 2019 at 10:28 am

While there are plenty of ways fans have tried to immerse themselves in the world of Doctor Who – turning off the lights and phones during new episodes, cosplay, escape rooms, locking themselves in various phone boxes (probably) - the world of virtual reality is probably their best bet.


Which is why there's a fair bit of interest in this first-look footage from VR game Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, which shows off real gameplay from the interactive adventure for the first time after allowing a few fans to play it during San Diego Comic-Con.

Based on the clip, the game will see players move around in and interact with their surroundings, making use of the Doctor’s trademark sonic screwdriver (of course) while the Time Lord herself (voiced by Jodie Whittaker) gives them advice via an old radio.

But things soon take a turn for the worse as a Dalek ship looms overhead, and the player has to work quickly to assemble pieces of junk, stick them together and boost the signal to call the Tardis for a handy escape.

It’s only a short look at the game (which is the second Who VR adventure following The Runaway, which was made by a different company) but a promising one, really allowing fans to step into the Doctor’s shoes as much as humanly possible.

And this time, if she doesn’t save the world you’ll only have yourself to blame...


Doctor Who: The Edge of Time is released in September


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