Sony hasn't confirmed an announcement is happening but PlayStation 5 fans think something is coming thanks to a rogue - now deleted - tweet.


The rumour was Sony would make a PS5 announcement on either release date, price and pre-order details on the 9th September at 3pm BST time.

That obviously didn't happen and so far we've had no definitive news as to when the PlayStation 5 will be released, apart from a vague 'Holiday season' message. Price has also not been confirmed, though the PS5 price has been 'leaked' to be around the $499 mark.

With Microsoft revealing Xbox Series X release date and price on PS5's 25th anniversary yesterday fans were sorely disappointed, but they did get some news.

In a PlayStation blog, Sony Interactive Entertainment's Gillen McAlister announced a PSVR spotlight. News so far included PSVR support for Minecraft, and a PSVR release for Twilight Path.

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Anticipating fans jumping the gun, the post also added "this is all about the games. So to manage expectations, there'll be no PS5-related news."

Sony has said the PSVR headset will work with the new PS5, but this also seems to refer to the rumoured second-gen PSVR.

We expect Sony to reveal the PS5 release date and price soon though, given that rival Microsoft stopped the game of chicken. Watch this space!

PS5 rumoured announcement - why it happened

The now-deleted tweet from Guildford's branch of GAME suggested that there would be a PS5 announcement on 9th September.

The tweet, about PS5 pre-orders going live, read: "Those awaiting preorders and have Ryi. Please standby for updates. PS5 have scheduled an announcement tomorrow so things are about to kick off this week."

Of course, the tweet could just have been a mistake or a reference to VR and there's been no official confirmation from Sony.

SimplyGames also sent an email out to customers sparking rumours saying the PS5 will be available to pre-order "any day now".

A blog post also said: "Hey all. Over the next few days, we’re going to spotlight some upcoming games coming to PlayStation VR, including some announcements and updates for previously revealed PS VR titles," reads a PS blog post.

"And as mentioned, this is all about the games. So to manage expectations, there’ll be no PS5-related news."

The rumour also abounded as 9th September marks the 25 year anniversary of PS5 - instead we got a Xbox Series X release date confirmation and price.


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