There have been a lot of big launches in the world of tech to get excited about recently. We've had not one but two Apple Events the last couple of months, revealing everything from the Apple Watch 6 and Homepod Mini to the brand new range of iPhone 12 devices.


Just a day after Apple's most recent launch, the OnePlus 8T has been announced, with lots of high-tech new features to get excited about. Chinese tech manufacturer OnePlus is fairly new to the smartphone scene, having released two handsets just last year. For 2020, we've now seen the release of the OnePlus 8T model in an Apple-like live digital event.

While some aspects of the new model may be familiar to those who already own or have used the OnePlus 8, their 8T handset provides lots to be excited about.

Below, we explain everything you need to know about the new device including the price, specs and special features.

OnePlus 8T facts

  • What is the OnePlus 8T release date? 20th October
  • What is the OnePlus 8T price? from £549
  • What are the OnePlus 8T colours? aquamarine green, lunar silver
  • What is the OnePlus 8T screen size? 6.55 inches
  • Does OnePlus 8T have 5g? yes

How much does the OnePlus 8T cost?

The new OnePlus 8T costs £549, which is less than the usual price of the standard OnePlus 8 which would normally be £599.

You can order it from the OnePlus website and find out more about OnePlus 8T pre-orders.

What are the OnePlus 8T specs?

OnePlus 8T

OnePlus powers devices using its speedy 'dragon' software by the name of Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. To the average phone user, this means fast speeds and performance through tasks including photography and gaming.

The phone runs on the brand's OxygenOS system and, like the new iPhone 12, it has 5G and comes with a high-tech camera.

The screen also has vibrations as you use the touch screen to make it feel more responsive and as though you are touching physical buttons.

Below, we go through the rest of the main specs on the new device.

OnePlus 8T screen

The size of the OnePlus 8T screen is 6.55 inches, the same as the OnePlus 8.

There is also a tough Corning Gorilla Glass screen and 120 Hz Fluid Display which should be bright and sharp for clear images. Colours should also be bold and clean, thanks to certified HDR 10+.

The screen boasts 8,192 variations of brightness which will automatically adjust for the most natural fit in any given situation - ideal for anyone who finds bright screens can irritate their eyes.

OnePlus 8T design

The device itself features an almost uninterrupted touch screen on the front, with no home button and only the front camera in the top corner. The phone is also relatively thin and lightweight.

In terms of actual dimensions, here's how it measures up:

  • Height: 160.7 mm
  • Width: 74.1 mm
  • Thickness: 8.4 mm
  • Weight: 188g

OnePlus 8T colours

The OnePlus 8T is only available in two colours, unlike other devices by the manufacturer at the moment which are currently available in up to four.

At release, the two colour choices are either aquamarine green or lunar silver. The silver colour has a matte finish which means it will be easier to grip and keep hold of than glossier finishes.

OnePlus 8T camera

There are four back cameras in total on the OnePlus 8T. There's a a 48 MB main camera lens and then a 16MP Ultra-Wide Angle lens which can capture 123 degrees in a single shot (that should make group pictures a lot less squashed).
There are also two more lenses; a Macro and Monochrome lens and all four are situated within a rectangular space, plus flash, on the back of the device in the top left corner.

For taking images in low lighting and after dark there is also nightscape mode, providing improved quality even in difficult shooting conditions.

There is also a fifth camera on the front of the device which is 16MP and features Electronic Image Stabilisation, meaning your selfies should be clear and free from blur.

OnePlus 8T charging

OnePlus 8T charging
The handset, charging cable and plug adapter are included in the OnePlus 8T purchase. OnePlus

One of the most exciting things about the OnePlus 8T for many smartphone users who familiar with other brands, is the long battery life. The handset boasts 4,500 mAh5 battery power, which essentially means it should be able to last the whole day. Even better, it has superfast charging so a full day's power can be achieved after being plugged in for just 15 minutes.

A charger will also be included with your order (unlike with the new iPhone 12) which will be in the form of a Warp Charge 65 Power Adapter and a Warp Charge Type-C to Type-C Cable (pictured above).


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