How to cancel your Netflix subscription no matter how you signed up

Depending on how you signed up for Netflix there's an easy way to cancel your subscription.

How to cancel Netflix

You can cancel your Netflix subscription whenever you want, it just all depends on how you pay your bill.


If you’ve deleted your profile that isn’t the same as cancelling your Netflix subscription – you’ll still be billed until you actually cancel.

When you set up your subscription to any service the first thing is to check when the payment goes out your account – we know, it’s something we all forget.

If you then want to cancel you have plenty of time. Next, you need to note how you’re paying for Netflix.

If you subscribe directly to Netflix then it’s easy, just cancel your subscription on the website on the web browser you use.

If it’s iTunes you need to unsubscribe using your iPhone or iPad. There’s also the possibility that you’re using a third-party like your smart TV or a provider like Sky.

First, don’t just delete your Netflix profile as this doesn’t cancel your bill. You will still be charged if you do this.

How to cancel your Netflix subscription using a web browser

  1. Open up your web browser and visit
  2. Click the little downward arrow – it’s in the top right corner and click ‘Account’
  3. You’ll see the button Cancel Membership – this is what you need to click
  4. If you still have the older plans also cancel those you can see those lower down on the page

You may not see the Cancel Membership option which probably means you are signed up using a third-party. Instead, you’ll see who you pay for Netflix, whether that’s a smart TV company, iTunes and so on. Contact this company to cancel.

How to cancel your Netflix subscription via iTunes

If you see you’re paying for Netflix using iTunes you can cancel using iPhone or your iPad.

  1. On the iOS device click the settings app
  2. Click iTunes and App Store
  3. Click your Apple ID (top of screen) and tap View Apple ID in the little window view that comes up
  4. Click subscriptions
  5. Netflix will be listed in your subscriptions – click this
  6. Click ‘Cancel subscriptions’ then click ‘Confirm’

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