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How to catch a shiny Cressalia in Pokemon Go – and best counters

Another one to catch as you gotta catch 'em all!

cressalia raid pokemon go

You know the name of the game by now with Pokemon – catch ’em all. Well, sometimes that is easier than others as, while grabbing yourself a Pidgey may be easy and something you can do with your eyes closed, others can be far more difficult to get locked away in your Pokeball.


Ever since raid battles were introduced to Pokemon Go, the game that took technology fans by storm when it first launched, players have been battling to get rarer Pokemon and, especially with five-star raid bosses, that is not always a simple task with various tricks, and a small army on occasion, needed to bring them down.

The toughest of the lot is the recently introduced Cressalia – the legendary lunar Pokemon is popping up in raids and will be until September 18th when the next challenge comes our way. And if you’re struggling to catch her, as many of us have been, we’ve put together a guide that should make the process a tad easier.

What moves does Cressalia have?


Cressalia is a psychic Pokemon and has several devastating moves up her sleeve that will take you out in seconds if you are not fully prepared. Its fast moves consists of Psycho Cut (Dark x2) and Confusion (Dark x2), while its charged attacks are Future Sight (Dark x2), Moon Blast (Fire, Dark, Dragon) and Aurora Beam (Water, Fire, Dragon). As mentioned, this is a tough legendary to catch and if you don’t choose your raid team wisely, you’ll find that the battle will be over before it has really started.

How to counter Cressalia in Pokemon Go

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Your best bet when choosing your team to go up against Cressalia is to aim for dark-type Pokemon. While Ghost and Bug-type Pokemon will also stand a chance of doing some damage, you are best aiming for ones that know dark type moves as they are the most effective at dealing damage and withstanding the devastating attacks Cressalia will send your way.

So here are some of the best Pokemon you can use: Chandelure with Hex and Shadow Ball, Genesect with Fury Clutter, Giratina with Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball, Darkrai with Snarl and Dark Pulse. Houndoom with Snarl and Foul Play. Then there is good old, legendary, Mewtwo with Psycho Cut and Shadow Ball,  Tyrantitar with Bite and Crunch Volcarona with Bug Bite and Bug Buzz, and Weavile with Snarl Snarl and Foul Play.

There are others that will do the job but these are generally considered to be the best out there for this particular fight.

How to catch Cressalia in Pokemon Go

cressalia pokemon go

Actually catching Cressalia is not too tough as her catch circle is in a far more convenient place than many of her peers. Located directly in the middle of her face, getting a great or excellent throw should be relatively easy for those well practiced in Pokemon Go. The best time to throw your Pokeball is straight after she has finished her attack – any later and you run the risk of her batting the ball away and taking away one of your chances. Of course, being a legendary Pokemon means that you should be ready to send some golden razz berry’s her way to make things a little easier.

You may also find yourself running into a shiny version, but don’t expect this to happen a lot as the chances are said to be around one in 20.

How do you spot a 100% IV Cressalia?

If you are really lucky, then you may find yourself spotting a 100 per cent IV version of the Pokemon when the catch screen appears. Look for a CP of 1633 if weather conditions are normal, or 2041 if you’re in boosted conditions and if you catch her, you’ll have one mighty tough Pokemon in your arsenal.

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