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How to watch Pokemon Journeys in the UK

New allies are joining Ash on his next epic quest.

Ash Ketchum and Pikachu in Pokemon: Journeys on UK channel POP
Published: Thursday, 13th August 2020 at 5:45 pm

Pokemon has captured the hearts and minds of fans for decade, with a wild universe of characters sprawling across video games, animated shows and films.


Many fans will fondly remember getting up on a Saturday morning to stick Pokemon cartoons on the telly, as the mainline TV series is now pushing into its 23rd series, subtitled Journeys.

Iconic protagonist Ash Ketchum is back once again, this time alongside brand new character Goh, who will join him on an epic journey across all eight regions of the Pokemon world.

That adventure will include the Galar region, a new area introduced in 2019's Pokemon Sword and Shield, released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

Here's everything you need to know about Pokemon: Journeys.

When is Pokemon: Journeys' release date?

Pokemon: Journeys premieres on POP on Tuesday, 1st September 2020, available on Freesat 603, Sky 616, and Virgin Media 736.

Fans in the UK have been eager to watch the latest episodes, as they premiered in Japan back in November 2019.

Is Pokemon: Journeys on Netflix?

Unfortunately for fans craving a binge watch, Pokemon: Journeys is not available to stream on Netflix in the UK.

However, for our friends across the pond, the first 12 episodes of Pokemon: Journeys are available to watch now on the US version of the streaming service, after debuting on 12th June.

There are several other Pokemon-related goodies on Netflix UK for fans looking for a fix, including past seasons of the animated series Sun & Moon: Ultra Legends and Indigo League.

What is Pokemon: Journeys about?

Pokemon: Journeys follows iconic trainer Ash Ketchum and his new ally Goh, as they go on an adventure across all eight regions of the show's colourful world - including the recently introduced Galar.

Helping oversee their missions is another new character, Professor Cerise, who runs his own laboratory and has a mild-mannered daughter named Chloe.

Watch Pokemon: Journeys episode 1 online

Unlike previous seasons, Journeys opens with a prequel episode, which is available to watch in full now from the official Pokemon YouTube channel.

The special chapter reveals the origins of Pokemon's two most famous characters, heading back to when Ash was only a young boy and when Pikachu was still just a Pichu!

You can watch the episode below:

Is there a Pokemon: Journeys trailer?

Yes indeed. If that opening episode wasn't enough for you, get a taste at what else Journeys has in store from this series trailer, which shows off the many Pokemon set to appear.


Pokemon: Journeys premieres in September in the UK. If you're looking for something else to watch, check out our TV Guide.


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