With the imminent release of Diablo 4, Blizzard is looking to consolidate its hold over the fantasy gaming space by launching a Diablo 4-themed event in World of Warcraft to get us in the mood for some hellish romps through innumerable dungeons.


Setting the scene, Blizzard states “Strange winds blow in from another world, and sightings of odd, bag-holding creatures spot the land. Find them and see what treasure they may hold!”

This is no doubt referencing the treasure goblins who must have run out of things to loot in Sanctuary until Diablo 4 releases.

If the Diablo 4 beta had you hooked and you need to scratch that itch, then read on to find out everything you need to know about what’s going on in Azeroth in the World of Warcraft Greedy Emissary Diablo 4 crossover.

When is the WoW Diablo 4 event?

The WoW Diablo 4 crossover, the Greedy Emissary event, is running from Thursday 25th May 10am Server Time until Wednesday 14th June 12am Server Time.

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This should give you plenty time to unlock all the Diablo-themed items and rewards though we can imagine that the second Diablo 4 is released that you may be saying bye-bye to Azeroth for a wee while.

There are always new updates and seasons coming out for World of Warcraft though so be sure to check in with us for all the updates and info you need after you max out all your builds in Diablo.

What's involved in the WoW Diablo 4 event?

As we said, pesky Treasure Goblins have hopped over from the Sanctuary to Azeroth and are picking up everything that isn’t nailed down.

Fortunately for us, that means the little guys have done all the hard work and all we need to do is slaughter them in their thousands to reap the rewards of all their efforts.

Expect to see many a Diablo-themed cosmetic, item and even a new pet, Baa’lial Soulstone, a very charming little demonic goat who is sure to be a fast favourite.

Players will also receive the Winds of Sanctuary experience and reputation buff, which carry over to the upcoming Welcome to Sanctuary event running from Thursday 15th June 10am Server Time til Wednesday 12th July 10am Server Time.

The buff will grant you 50% extra experience and reputation, but the reputation gains aren’t applicable to the Loamm Niffen, a new faction introduced during Dragonflight.

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