Only 12 years after the last entry, Victoria 3 has finally been released allowing players to enjoy again this mix of strategy, real-world history and Victorian aesthetic.

Victoria 3 does, thankfully, zip through 19th century diplomatic negotiations a tad faster than they occurred in real life, but you can speed things up even more for those who want to get to the good stuff quickly.

You'll just need to use the Victoria 3 codes and console commands, which is a lot easier than it sounds. We'll explain all below.

How to use Victoria 3 codes and console commands

You'll need to enable debug mode in order to use the Victoria 3 codes and console commands, which must be activated before you launch the game. Thankfully, the process is nice and simple:

  • Right-click on Victoria 3 in your Steam library
  • Select Properties
  • In the General tab, locate the Launch Option box
  • Type '-debug_mode' in the box
  • Start Victoria 3

Once Victoria 3 launches, it will now be in debug mode. You'll be able to press the ~ (tilde) key to open the console menu and enter the cheat codes below.

Victoria 3 codes and console commands full list

A map of the world in Victoria 3.

You can now use the following console commands whenever and however you like. Just be aware that this can cause the game to become unstable, and a deer head appearing on the map screen will mean that errors have been detected.

You can also use a few cheats without codes while in debug mode - pressing CTRL and ALT together will allow you to instantly annex any state you click on, while the debug console also has buttons that allow you to change your nation's constitution.

Bearing that in mind, here's the full list of Victoria 3 console commands:

  • add_approval (interest group) (amount) – increases your approval rating with a specific interest group
  • add_clout (interest group) (amount) – increases your clout rating with a specific interest group
  • add_loyalists (culture) (amount) – increases loyalist population in your country
  • add_radicals (culture) (amount) – increases radical population in your country
  • add_relations (county) (amount) – increases your relations with a specific country
  • add_war_support (country) (amount) – increases war support with a specific country
  • annex (country tag) – annexes a specific country
  • changestatepop (state ID) (population type) – changes a specific state’s population
  • change_law (law) (country) – changed the law in a specific country
  • disable_ai – disables the AI
  • enable_ai – enables the AI
  • fastenact – fast enact mode
  • fasthire – fast hire mode
  • fastinstitutions – fast institutions mode
  • fastinterests – fast interests mode
  • fastmoblize – fast mobilize mode
  • fastravels – fast travel mode
  • fastrevoultion – fast revolution mode
  • fastsearch – fast search mode
  • help – shows available commands
  • ignore_government_support – allows you to disable the government support function
  • kill_character (name) – allows you to kill a specific character
  • money (amount) – adds a specific amount of money to your treasury
  • norevolution – disables future revolutions
  • nosecession – disables future secessions
  • observe – enables observe mode
  • own (province or state region tag) (country) – gives ownership of a specific province or state region to a specific country
  • popstat – displays your total active population
  • portait editor – allows you to edit your portrait
  • province borders (true/false) – allows you to either enable or disable province borders
  • research (technology key) – gives your country a specific technology
  • screenshot – captures your screen
  • settings – pulls up your in-game settings
  • set_devestation_level (state) (amount) – changes the devastation level for a specific state
  • set_pollution_level (state or region) (amount) – sets a specific pollution level to a specific state or region
  • skip_migration – skips migration
  • switchlanguage (desired language) – changed your game language
  • tag (country) – allows you to play as a specific country
  • test event (event name) (x) (y) (state) – spawns a specific event at location coordinates
  • test objectives (subgoal key) – allows you to test an objective
  • treaty port (state) – gives treaty port to a specific state
  • version – displays the current game version
  • wagerate (building) (rate) – allows you to change a building’s wage to a specific rate
  • yeomen – makes the game’s AI agree to all proposals and offers

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