Now that Two Point Campus is out in the world, players will be jumping into the game and trying to master it, and one of the things that might trip them up is the Kudosh currency system.


A portmanteau of 'kudos' and 'dosh', Kudosh is a currency that has to be earned in the game — you don't just get it automatically, and you can't buy it with real money either. So, how exactly do you earn it, and what's the best sort of stuff to spend it on?

For all the top tips you need on earning Kudosh in Two Point Campus and spending it wisely, read on for our handy guide! And for some further reading, check out our Two Point Campus review and our page about its Xbox Game Pass release.

How to get Kudosh in Two Point Campus

To get Kudosh in Two Point Campus, you need to complete objectives and achieve career goals, both of which should happen naturally through your gameplay. But it helps to be aware of them!

Once you've unlocked the Career Hub menu (it's accessed in the top-right of the screen and symbolised by a briefcase), you'll see a wide array of different career goals. There are some tied to making money, some tied to developing friendships amongst your students, and there are loads more on top of that as well.

Work towards the goals in the Career Hub and you'll steadily fill up your Kudosh coffers — an orange asterisk will appear on the briefcase symbol when you've earned some extra Kudosh, and you'll need to head into that menu to claim it. Look for the rings that have filled up and turned orange, because those are the ones with Kudosh to claim!

It's worth noting that objectives outside of the Career Hub can also earn you Kudosh. From the overarching quests that task you with upping the star ratings of your campuses, to the random one-off requests that appear as messages in your inbox, almost everything the game asks you to do will come with a Kudosh reward.

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What to spend Kudosh on in Two Point Campus

What should you spend your Kudosh on once you've earned it? We'd recommend being cautious with your spending, when it comes to Kudosh, because your students will sometimes require special items in order to complete their courses with flying colours.

While it might be tempting to splurge your hard-earned Kudosh on any silly item that takes your fancy, we'd strongly advise you to keep a healthy balance of Kudosh for when your pupils really need it. From course-specific bookcases to specialist kitchen equipment, your contingent of classmates will need specific stuff at regular intervals.

You'll see the requests for these important items pop up in your inbox from time to time. Look for the messages that say a certain item in question is 'required' rather than simply 'wanted'. Student will want all sorts of random stuff (duck-shaped hedges seem to be very popular), but the stuff they really need could be the difference between them getting top marks or not. So spend your Kudosh carefully!

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