The Day Before is a graphical powerhouse survival online multiplayer game set in a post-pandemic America that has been overrun with zombies. Its release date has been confirmed by developer FNTASTIC and you can live out your The Walking Dead MMO dreams soon.


Boasting an impressively detailed open world, The Day Before is promising a true online zombie-infested sandbox that you can explore and survive with friends, or go up against them.

If you’re keen to learn everything there is to know about The Day Before, including when its release date is, read on. Discover below how to pre-order the MMO, which consoles its playable on, gameplay details, and watch a trailer.

When is The Day Before release date?

The Day Before release date is 10th November 2023, the development team has promised.

The game had been set for a March launch, but it was ultimately delayed instead, with the developers sharing their surprising reasons in the Tweet embedded below.

Can I pre-order The Day Before?

You cannot currently pre-order The Day Before, with the game's Steam page not even being available at the time of writing. We'll be sure to update this page with all of the handy links when pre-orders become available.

Which consoles and platforms can play The Day Before?

The Day Before is being released on PC via Steam and on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Unfortunately, there is no sign of the zombie MMO being released on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Without some serious compromises to the game’s detailed graphics, though, we doubt those three consoles could run this game. Don’t expect it to be ported to the last-gen machines or the Switch.

The Day Before gameplay and story details

The Day Before is an open-world MMO zombie survival game. If you ever watched The Walking Dead and wish you could have a crack at that (we don’t judge here) then you’re in luck.

With zombies everywhere across this post-apocalyptic vision of America, you will be tasked with surviving in any way you can. On top of its third-person shooting mechanics, the game promises large-scale exploration and drivable, detailed vehicles that you can find scattered across the map or steal from fellow survivors. You can also steal other players’ weapons and food. It’s kill or be killed out there.

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You can, of course, work in a team for survival and play with friends/family in your attempt to survive by scavenging for resources. A colony of survivors will help keep the calm in the middle of the zombie-infested storm. Here you will be able to sell your collected loot and communicate with other players without the fear of PvP gunfights.

Is there a The Day Before trailer?

The Day Before trailer embedded below is really worth watching. This is the 4K RTX (ray-tracing) gameplay trailer. This really showcases the detailed visuals the game is capable of and is worth a look! Watch below while you wait for The Day Before release date on 10th November.

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