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The 14 sneakiest Doctor Who video game Easter Eggs

There’s no way you spotted all these secret Whoniverse callbacks

Published: Monday, 22nd August 2016 at 5:00 pm

7. The Rock n’ Roll Doctor

Even before Peter Capaldi picked up an axe for the latest series of Doctor Who, the Time Lord clearly had a rock pedigree – just look at this “Doctor What” outfit available to buy in interactive music game Rock Band, throwing together the classic Time Lord attire of scarf and long jacket befitting a guitarist (or singer or drummer) of intergalactic talent.


8. Bow ties are cruel

The Doctor What outfit isn’t the only Whoniverse flair out there for the style-conscious gamer, though – players of offbeat and gory squad shooter Team Fortress 2 can kit out certain classes of character with Matt Smith-alike bow ties, appropriately named “Doctor Woah”.

9. Destroy all Who-mans

In alien invasion first-person shooter Destroy All Humans! 2, main character Crypto heads to a version of London called Albion, where his appearance causes quite a Who-themed stir.


When seeing the extra-terrestrial in their midst, citizens scream “Someone call the Doctor!” or “Where the hell’s the bleedin’ Tardis?,” and though sadly neither turn up it’s a great little nod to the quintessentially British series.


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