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The 14 sneakiest Doctor Who video game Easter Eggs

There’s no way you spotted all these secret Whoniverse callbacks

Published: Monday, 22nd August 2016 at 5:00 pm

4. Pondscape


If you’re missing Amy and Rory in Doctor Who, then you should get yourself over to the town of Burgh de Rott in online role-playing game Runescape, where a couple of children named Rory and Amelia are waiting to be found.

And don’t go thinking those names could be a coincidence – if you claim to be the hero from the children’s stories, Rory will accuse you of lying, saying that you aren’t wearing a cool bow tie like the legendary hero is supposed to.

5. Down in the dumps

1984’s educational puzzle game Robot Odyssey had a rather familiar robot patrolling a sewer level, and while unnamed as such these "Daleks" were suitably deadly – if you touched them, the level was reset.

6. Pokemon Who

Fans of Doctor Who got a special treat in the release of 2008’s Pokemon Platinum, which features a character called the Looker who dresses uncannily like David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor.


Dedicated to stopping Team Galactic from taking over the universe and refusing to reveal his true name, this looker was only a sonic screwdriver away from making this a canonical crossover.


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