With the System Shock remake almost out in the wild on PC, you might be wondering when will the System Shock remake come to Xbox, PS4 and PS5, and we could hardly blame you.


With its retro-futuristic design, iconic antagonist SHODAN and immersive sim sensibilities, it’s a bit of a shame that console players will have to wait even longer seeing as the remake was announced way back when in 2016. We certainly enjoyed it as can be read in our review.

Clearly, Nightdive needs a little extra time to do it right and after all, it’s better late than never. Read on to find out everything we know about when the System Shock remake will come to consoles.

When will the System Shock remake come to Xbox, PS4 and PS5?

System Shock remake publisher Prime Matter and developers Nightdive Studios have stated: “Console editions of System Shock will release on PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox One and Series S/X in due course; more details will be shared in the future.”

With that in mind, we'd hope to see the System Shock remake on Xbox, PS4 and PS5 in autumn 2023. That would be our best estimate – 'fall' this year at the earliest – but given the challenges ahead, it could come even later.

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This is obviously disheartening to hear but as noted in our review, the remake is a very faithful recreation of the original and a lot of the old design choices are still present. Translating and streamlining this to work on a controller is no easy task.

We often found ourselves doing a lot of inventory micro-management and the intense combat encounters lend themselves well to a mouse and keyboard. An aim-assist would be a must in a console port.

Rest assured however, as soon as we know more about when the System Shock remake will come to consoles, we will be sure to let you know about it and any pre-order details too. Check out our interview with narrative director Stephen Kick down below to keep the hype train going!

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