Following on from its fantastic Quake II remaster and the confirmation that it is working on one of Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion, Nightdive Studios is keeping the good old times rolling with the announcement that it is currently developing a Star Wars: Dark Forces remaster. When is its release date?


Originally released back in February 1995 for MS-DOS and Macintosh computers, Dark Forces was later ported to the PS1 in 1996.

The first-person shooter is something of a classic and was a revelation when it was first released thanks to adding the then novel ideas of being able to aim up and down (not just left and right), jump and duck, and having levels take place over multiple floors.

So successful was the game that it launched the Jedi Knight series, with Kyle Katarn working on behalf of the Rebel Alliance proving a popular character. At long last, then, the game is being remastered for modern audiences on current-gen platforms.

Keep on reading to find out everything there is to know about the Star Wars: Dark Forces remaster release date speculation and to find out where to pre-order, which consoles you can play it on, and more.

When is the Star Wars: Dark Forces remaster release date?

There is currently no confirmed Star Wars: Dark Forces remaster release date. We’d wager it’ll launch sometime in 2024, however.

We’re due to learn when its release date is later this year, so keep those eyes peeled right here – we’ll update this page with the confirmed release date as soon as it’s revealed by Nightdive Studios.

Can I pre-order Star Wars: Dark Forces remaster?

You cannot currently pre-order the Star Wars: Dark Forces remaster. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering we still don’t know the release date.

We expect pre-orders will open up for the game when the release date is revealed later this year and we’ll update this page with new information as it becomes available.

Which consoles and platforms can play Star Wars: Dark Forces remaster?

You can play the Star Wars: Dark Forces remaster on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Nintendo Switch, the developer has confirmed.

Apart from those playing on Mac, no one is missing out on the remastered version of the Star Wars first-person shooter classic that spawned its own series.

Given the other Nightdive remasters have tended to appear across all platforms, it’s no surprise that this one is available on the lot, too. It’s never a given, though, so it’s good that it’s been confirmed.

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Star Wars: Dark Forces remaster gameplay and story details

The Star Wars: Dark Forces remaster is aiming to be a faithful remaster of the 1995 classic. It’s promising 4K visuals and 120fps on platforms that support it, using Nightdive Studios’s own Kex engine that has proven popular in the development team’s other releases.

In an interview with IGN, Larry Kuperman of Nightdive Studios explains that its vision for the Star Wars: Dark Forces remaster is: "[To] bring back the way you felt when you played the original… you don’t preserve things by changing them."

If you have played the original (it’s available to buy and play on Steam), this remastered version of the game shouldn’t be making any drastic changes when it comes to gameplay. Expect to replay the game you know and love, but with subtle tweaks to make it potentially even better.

For those who never played the original game, expect a first-person shooter full of memorable (now upscaled) cutscenes and challenging gameplay.

In fact, the game is remembered fondly for its challenging gameplay – particularly its boss battles – and this is something that isn’t changing. Expect the remaster to be a difficult game, as Kuperman adds: "I think the audience will appreciate the degree of challenge."

In terms of story, in Dark Forces you play as mercenary Kyle Katarn, working for the Rebel Alliance and fighting against the Empire and its development of a powerful new weapon. Classic Star Wars stuff.

Is there a Star Wars: Dark Forces remaster trailer?

Yes, there is a Star Wars: Dark Forces remaster trailer. The official reveal trailer shows off the game’s updated visuals and other enhancements (still work-in-progress, so expect some changes come the final release). Check the trailer out below:

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