Squid Game VR game: How to play Red Light, Green Light

Get ready for some Red Light, Green Light in VR.

Squid Game

We knew it would only be a matter of time before the phenomenon that is Squid Game on Netflix produced a video game spin-off, but we have to admit that we did not expect it to happen quite this quickly.


Soaring Roc have wasted no time in getting a game off of the ground but we feel we should temper expectations – this is obviously not a full game like the ones we see in the show. Instead, this takes its inspiration from Red Light, Green Light.

The game is available to play right now, it’s free, and you can access it by clicking here. But what exactly is it, and how do you play it once you have it?

Red Light, Green Light is a pretty simple game that does not require much knowledge to understand the rules. In the show, the Squid Game contestants are pitted against a seriously creepy mannequin and when it calls ‘green light’, the players can move. When ‘red light’ is called, they have to stop. If they don’t, they get shot and die. Lovely.

In this VR version of the game, you do the same. You pump your arms to move but when the mannequin turns to face you, you need to instantly stop or risk meeting the same fate, just, happily, it’s only virtual. You are pitted against other players, but be careful about looking around for them as if your head is seen to move… well, you know what happens.

At the moment, people are saying that getting matched with other players is tricky as not many people are playing. But hopefully, now many of us are talking about it, it will be inundated with players hoping to be a (sort of) Squid Game champion.

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