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A stylish microphone that packs in plenty of loveable features, the Roccat Torch should make a fine addition to your set up – if you're a gamer or a content creator (or a bit of both), this microphone is well worth considering.


  • A super stylish microphone
  • Really easy to set up
  • Top-quality sound


  • Mute button sometimes temperamental

The Roccat Torch Microphone has recently been released, and this good-looking mic is targeted at gamers and aspiring content creators. But is it worth buying? You've come to the right place to find out!


These days, of course, there are plenty of people creating content for YouTube, Twitch and podcast platforms. And if you fancy breaking into that world yourself, the Roccat Torch Microphone might be one of the options that you consider investing in to support that dream.

This microphone will service almost every need you can imagine in the recording world, and it does so with some added visual flare, which gives it a bit of an edge over its competitors.

But what else do you need to know about the Roccat Torch? You can learn all the key details, and find out whether you should buy one in our full review!

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Roccat Torch Microphone review: summary

roccat torch mic

A microphone that will boost any recording set up, the Roccat Torch not only sounds great and comes with welcome extras that make it stand out, but it also looks the part and is one of the more stylish recent additions to the microphone market – a very worthy purchase without breaking the bank.

What is the Roccat Torch?

In the words of its creators, "The Torch is ROCCAT's all-new USB microphone designed to deliver studio-grade performance for gamers, streamers, and aspiring creators." If you're looking to start your own podcast or YouTube channel based around gaming, this is one of the microphones that you might find yourself considering, not least because it looks the part!

How much is the Roccat Torch Microphone?

The Roccat Torch microphone is on sale for £89.99, which may seem a tad pricey if you stick to basic mics, but given the quality that this one lets you record at and how great it looks when it is up and running, it's a fair price for Roccat to ask and you are unlikely to regret spending it.

Roccat Torch Microphone design

roccat torch mixer

Let's start with how this looks, and as soon as we saw it, it instantly became one of the nicest that we have seen. It's fairly small, smaller than we expected, but that was actually a welcome surprise as it makes it easy to position anywhere without it getting in the way.

The colour changing function adds to the effect, and it will light up in a certain colour depending on whether you are recording or not – you also get a cool little display at the bottom that tells you if you are live or not, so you can always see if you are recording when you think you are. Then there is the base that has several different functions on it, and this too looks like a sturdy and professional bit of kit.

Even the packaging is designed well with a simple nice-looking box, and all the wires, including variations on length if needed, are all neatly stored inside.

Roccat Torch Microphone features

The Roccat Torch really is a fantastic microphone with a lot going for it against the competition. It has a dual condenser design offering 24-bit audio with up to 48kHz sampling, which means that your voice will be crystal clear either through playback or if you are talking to someone live.

You get three pre-selected pick-up patterns. First up is Cardioid, which is your go-to for streaming and gaming. Vocals and instruments are covered with Stereo mode, while Whisper is on hand for when you need to talk quietly.

And what makes it even better is you can access all these, and fine-tune settings and adjust the volume all from the base of the device itself, which means you should not have to play about with the settings on your computer too much to get the microphone recording exactly as you would want.

Roccat Torch Microphone performance

The main thing you will want to know is how well the mic picks up your voice and how clearly it comes out on a recording, and we were delighted to quickly learn that the Roccat Torch does both things exceptionally well. Even before we played about with the settings, things sounded great, and if you do run into any issues, then changing those should sort the problem out instantly.

We tried the mic out on a number of different systems to see if it worked better on others, and we found it to be just as effective no matter what it was plugged into.

The mute button is a great addition here that, normally, just requires you to gesture towards it to toggle it on and off. That being said, it does not always work the first time, and it can be a bit frustrating to assume you have muted it only to realise it hasn't worked. Normally it does, but there are a few occasions where it didn't, and it can be quite irritating.

Roccat Torch Microphone setup

We love super simple setups, and that's what we found with the Roccat Torch. It looks like it may be a bit complex when you first get everything out of the box, but for us to get it working, all we had to do was plug it in, and after a few seconds, it all came to life. Easier than we expected and really quick.

Our verdict: Should you buy the Roccat Torch Microphone?

We are happy to say that yes, you should. This really is a top-quality microphone in the way it is used, the way it looks, and the incredible sounds that it gives. There are cheaper ones on the market, and if you only use a mic for in-game chat, then you may be better off looking for one of them, but anyone who uses their mic for anything more substantial will be happy they chose to go with the Roccat Torch.

Review scores:

  • Set-up: 5 / 5
  • Design: 4.5 / 5
  • Features: 4.5 / 5
  • Performance: 4.5 / 5
  • Value for money: 4.5 / 5

Overall star rating: 4.5 / 5

Where to buy the Roccat Torch Microphone

The Roccat Torch Microphone is a fairly new addition to the market, and Amazon appears to be the first major retailer to get a product page live – others will probably follow suit in the coming weeks and months. Head over to Amazon and order one, then if we've convinced you to make a purchase!

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