It's time to put your racing gloves and creative hat on as the LEGO 2K Drive launch time has arrived. That's right, the open-world LEGO racing game is out now.


After months of rumour and speculation, 2K's LEGO racing game is finally here and you can head out into its blocky wilderness right now.

Now that it has launched, players are wondering if the game is on Xbox Game Pass or any other subscription service.

There's plenty to dig in with the open-world racing adventure game, and our interview with the game’s executive producer, Mark Pierce, is a great place to start. In it we learn that the development team is “pursuing everything you can imagine with LEGO”.

With four season passes on the way, we could be seeing our favourite LEGO brands added to the game as post-launch DLC.

Keep on reading to find out everything there is to know about the LEGO 2K Drive release date, launch time, gameplay and story details, if it's on Xbox Game Pass, and to watch a trailer.

When was the LEGO 2K Drive release date?

The LEGO 2K Drive release date was 19th May 2023.

It released across all playable platforms on the same day. You can now explore Bricklandia in all its blocky glory. If you’re after the game, it could be worth buying a copy for yourself now that pre-orders have come to an end.

The LEGO 2K launch time in the UK was midnight 19th May 2023 on consoles and 5am on PC.

Can I pre-order LEGO 2K Drive? Where to buy

Pre-orders have now closed for the game as you can now buy the game across all platforms through different retailers including GAME.

All versions of the title from GAME come with a free bonus physical LEGO McLaren Solus GT car. The Standard Edition of the game from anywhere also grants you the Aquadirt Racer Pack as a bonus.

What do you get with the LEGO 2K Drive Awesome Edition?

The LEGO 2K Drive Awesome Edition includes the base game plus the following:

  • Aquadirt Racer Pack
  • Year One Drive Pass (includes seasons one, two, three, and four),
  • Awesome Pizza Vehicle
  • Awesome Bonus Pack (Wheelie Stunt Driver Minifigure, Machio Beast Vehicle, and a vehicle flair)
  • 550 Coins.

You can purchase the Awesome Edition below:

You can also purchase the LEGO 2K Drive Awesome Rivals Edition, which includes everything in the Awesome Edition plus three days' early access (play from 16th May rather than 19th May) and the Awesome Rivals Bonus Pack (Royal Sailor, Royal Outtaliner, Royal People Rover Street Car, Reckless Scorpion Stunt Driver Minifigure, Hamburghini Royale, and vehicle flair).

The Awesome Rivals Edition appears digital-only and will set you back a whopping £104.99. Head to the digital store of your choice to pick up a copy of the Awesome Rivals Edition.

Is LEGO 2K Drive on Xbox Game Pass?

LEGO 2K Drive is not on Xbox Game Pass. There has been no announcement regarding an Xbox Game Pass release from anyone involved.

This doesn't mean it will never appear on Game Pass, however. As of writing, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is available on the subscription service, so we could eventually see a release for this open-world racing game on Game Pass in theory.

For now, though, it's best to buy the game if you want to play it as it out now and there is no word on a Game Pass, or on any other subscription, release. Likewise, it could come to PS Plus one day, but that has not been announced yet, so don't expect it any time soon.

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Which consoles and platforms can play LEGO 2K Drive?

LEGO 2K Drive is launching on PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. No platform is missing out on this game.

LEGO 2K Drive gameplay and story details

LEGO 2K Drive release date gameplay

LEGO 2K Drive is sold as a massive open-world driving adventure game (think Forza Horizon meets Mario Kart and you get the idea).

As it is LEGO-branded, however, you can design and race your own cars, boats, and flying vehicles. You will be able to switch between the three vehicle classes on the fly. Pick up and use power-ups to dish out damage a la Mario Kart.

Your time spent in Bricklandia will be split into different activities: exploring, racing, and completing mini-games. The game’s story mode, single races, and Cup Series tourneys should keep you busy, in single player as well as local split-screen and online multiplayer.

The large Bricklandia map will consist of four biomes at launch: Turbo Acres, Big Butte County, Prospecto Valley, and more. With DLC on the way and available at launch, as well as plenty of things to buy with in-game Coins and your real cash, LEGO 2K Drive is set to be stocked full of content at launch and for the foreseeable.

Is there a LEGO 2K Drive trailer?

Yep, there is a LEGO 2K Drive reveal trailer which you can watch below to catch a glimpse of the game in action:

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