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Knockout City: New trailer revealed for EA's dodgeball game

"Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge."

knockout city
Published: Thursday, 25th March 2021 at 6:01 pm

You know the old saying, if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. But while there does not appear to be any wrenches set to be hurled in Knockout City, there are numerous different types of balls that will be thrown in this dodgeball like game.


Coming from EA, Knockout City has been a much-hyped game for some time now with early beta sessions leaving good impressions on gamers. There is another beta on the way, more on that shortly, while the main game is on the way in the next few weeks.

For all we know about Knockout City, the next beta, the release date and the latest trailer, read on below.

What is Knockout City?

While technically not a dodgeball game, the rules of the game in Knockout City are similar enough for many to refer to it as one. This is a team-based competitive multiplayer game with the goal being to take out enemy team members by throwing a ball at them – much like dodgeball.

But being a video game, there are many things you can do that would not be possible in a real-life game. For example, holding a moon ball allows you to jump higher, while equipping a bomb ball will see the ball explode upon impact - something that definitely does not happen in real dodgeball, thankfully.

There will be five maps and six modes at launch and the maps all take place in Knockout City - a futuristic setting that will be the perfect place for all the ball throwing carnage we will be caught up in when we start playing.

New trailer for Knockout City revealed

Here is the trailer in all its glory. If we didn't want to play a dodgeball game before, which we did, we certainly do now!

When is the next beta for Knockout City?

Only a few days to wait for the next beta as it is due to run from April 2nd to April 4th! In the words of EA themselves: "We’re taking the brawl to PC on Steam and Origin, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X for this cross-platform beta! So grab your friends and get ready to hit the streets in style. Dominate across a new map and get a feel for the arsenal of Special Balls at your disposal. Check out our new playlist to take down rivals as a team or face off 1v1 for glory."

If you want to sign up then there is still time. Just fill out the EA registration form and wait to hear back.

When is the full release date for Knockout City?

Not too long to wait for the full release of Knockout City now as the game is down for a release on May 21st 2021.

As for what platforms it will be available on, well you should be in luck whatever you have as it will be released on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

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