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How to watch PlayStation 5 event in the UK tonight - what time to tune in

Sony's PS5 event kicks off this evening promising to give us a look at The Future of Gaming on YouTube and Twitch

PlayStation 5 The Future of Gaming event
Published: Thursday, 11th June 2020 at 8:45 pm

After months and months of rumours and speculation the PlayStation 5 event - and news - is finally here and promises to give us a look at the future of gaming.


Sony's live stream event starts at 9pm UK time (4pm ET/1pm PT) on Thursday, 11th June on YouTube and Twitch.

Up until now, the company hasn't revealed a lot about the new console, which is set to be released later this year in time for Christmas and ready to compete with the Microsoft new Xbox Series X console.

Gamers have yet to see what the console even looks like. Sony has released the console's specifications revealing the improvements on the PS4, which was launched six years ago.

The hour-long event could change that, but whether we get to see the design or not, there's sure to be news.

Sony has already said the event will offer a first look at the games available on the PlayStation 5 after it "launches this holiday".

If the event follows the usual pattern it will dedicate a bit of time to design, and then more time to the DualSense controller then perhaps some of the new games coming out - at least the launch titles.

Remember Sony's Sid Shuman has suggested you wear headphones for the event as there's "some cool audio work in the show" which apparently is much better appreciated when you have your headphones on.

When time does the PlayStation 5 event start?

The main PS5 event starts at 4pm ET/1pm PT - that's 9pm UK time and it will last an hour.

Where can I watch the PlayStation 5 event?

The livestream is below, so you can watch it all on here from 8pm. You can also watch along on and

If you're looking for something a bit more cinematic then head to YouTube. Sony chose to broadcast the presentation in 1080p at 30fps - everything it airs will support 4k resolution to show off the PS5 at its best. Check YouTube after as it may upload the hi res version after.

Is the PS5 event a pre-record?

Thanks to the current pandemic the event is no longer live, but scheduled.

Why was the PlayStation 5 event delayed?

The event was postponed out of respect for the Black Lives Matter protests taking place.

What do we already know?

The console specifications have already been released. The PS5 is backwards-compatible, there's a 4K UHD blu-ray drive.


What PS5 games have already been announced?

Some of the games coming to PlayStation 5 have already been announced including Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, Fortnite and Destiny 2. Rumours also suggest news of a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn and a new Call of Duty game. Expect more game reveals at the event.


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