Frontier has dropped a new announcement trailer for F1 Manager 23, details on the release window and some of the new features we can expect.


‌F1 Manager 23 builds off of the success of the excellent F1 Manager 22, which we thought was rather spiffy. There was definitely room for growth and it seems that Frontier has it in spades.

Everything it has revealed so far points to this being a true sequel rather than an iterative update that we have seen in other yearly released sports titles.

If you’re after all the details on a release date, pre-order details and gameplay features then read on as we have everything you need to know about F1 Manager 23.

When is the F1 Manager 23 release date?

The release date of F1 Manager 23 will be summer 2023. There is no specific date yet so this of course could be anywhere between June and August. We’ll be sure to update you as soon as we know more.

If we were to take any guesses, F1 Manager 22 released on 30th August 2022 so there is every possibility that we’ll be waiting a little while yet until the tail end of summer.

Perhaps this is for the best so we don’t squander the nice weather while we micromanage our pit-stop team for the slimmest off-track times.

Can I pre-order F1 Manager 23?

There is no way to pre-order F1 Manager 23 for any system currently. Nor is there any word for any pre-order exclusives for those looking to get the absolute most out of their money.

As always, the second we have more details on where you can pre-order F1 Manager 23 and any exclusives, we will be sure to let you know as soon as possible.

You can wishlist F1 Manager 23 on Steam and the Epic Game Store, but we’ll be sure to have all the extra gameplay details and news for you here!

Which consoles and platforms can play F1 Manager 23?

F1 Manager 23 will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. Suffice it to say, no one but those on the Nintendo Switch will be missing out on this release.

You might be worrying about the prospect of playing a management game on a controller but fear not, Frontier did a great job with F1 Manager 22 streamlining the controls to ensure you won’t be left wanting for a keyboard and mouse, meaning you can manage from the comfort of your couch. Though the intensity of running an F1 team might see you often pacing the room.

F1 Manager 23 gameplay and story details

F1 Manager 23 looks to be even more in-depth than the prior instalment. New to the series is the role of Sporting Director, which will allow for even more granular management of the pit crew and their training to minimise potentially race-losing mistakes that go along with ever shorter pitstop times.

There are also updated weight considerations seeing you battle for performance and reliability, and a new driver confidence system that dictates how sure your drivers are before going for bold manoeuvres.

More like this

F1 Manager 23 will have all 23 season races and also includes six F1 Sprint events all rendered in a hyper-realistic broadcast format as if you’re watching the real deal on your telly. Even when you close your eyes you’ll be sure it’s on as David Croft and Karun Chandhok from Sky Sports will be lending their voices once more.

Is there a F1 Manager 23 trailer?

So far there is only an announcement trailer which we’ve linked for your viewing pleasure below.

The trailer gives a taste of what we can expect with this new entry. It certainly leans into management credentials, hammering home that overseeing an F1 team is no easy feat.

It seems that those looking for a realistic and often brutal experience won’t be left disappointed, though we’re sure you can turn down the difficulty if you just want to see your cars go fast too.

If you were thinking the voice sounded familiar, that’s because it’s Iain Glen of Game of Thrones and The Rig fame.

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