The Deliver Us Mars release date has arrived, and the UK launch time couldn't be much closer for the exciting new sci-fi adventure game.


Deliver Us Mars, of course, is the sequel to 2018's Deliver Us the Moon. There are no prizes for guessing where you'll be travelling in this follow-up, thanks to its informative title.

To help you learn more about the game, spoke to its narrative director at Gamescom 2022. You can view the full video of our interview in the player above!

Once you've watched that, keep on reading for all the essential information about the Deliver Us Mars release date.

When is the Deliver Us Mars release date?

The Deliver Us Mars release date is 2nd February 2023, the developers have confirmed.

This comes after the game was delayed from its initial release date in September 2022, making Deliver Us Mars one of the many high-profile video game release dates that got pushed back from last year to 2023.

What is the UK launch time for Deliver Us Mars?

Deliver Us Mars has a UK launch time of 3pm GMT on 2nd February, as the developers of the game have confirmed, so players should be able to jump into the game midway through the afternoon. You might want to cancel a few meetings, then.

Can I pre-order Deliver Us Mars?

It's getting a bit late to call it a 'pre' order, but yes! Deliver Us Mars is currently available to order on digital platforms, including Steam, with a 10% discount available for pre-ordering any version of the game.

You can pre-order Deliver Us Mars PC from CD Keys for £15.99, if you like, but be aware this is a Steam Code rather than an actual box.

You can also pre-order the PC-only Deluxe Edition for £18.99, which also comes with the original soundtrack.

What platforms is Deliver Us Mars available on?

Deliver Us Mars launches on PS4, Ps5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store.

This is unlike Deliver Us the Moon, which initially was released only for PC in 2019 before being ported to consoles in the following years as well as Google Stadia. However, there has been no news of a Google Stadia release for Deliver Us Mars.

Deliver Us Mars story, gameplay and cast details

KeokeN Interactive

Deliver Us Mars picks up 10 years after the events of Deliver Us the Moon, following Kathy Johanson - who was mentioned as a child in recordings in the first game - as an astronaut-in-training who joins a mission to Mars in an effort to save mankind. With echoes of Interstellar, humanity is closer than ever to extinction, and our only hope is the giant colonisation ships on Mars called ARKS, which have been stolen by the shadowy Outward.

As if that wasn't reason enough to head to Mars, Kathy has an extra motivation as her father Isaac disappeared on the martian planet some years ago, only for a mysterious transmission to suggest he may still be alive. This is not a goal shared by Kathy's crewmates, however - especially when they all crash land...

With the father-daughter relationship so central to the story, developers KeokeN Interactive have once again utilised motion-captured actors to bring the narrative to life. Poldark star Ellise Chappell plays plucky protagonist Kathy Johanson, while Resident Evil Village's Neil Newbon depicts her long-lost father Isaac.

Deliver Us Mars looks to offer similar puzzle-adventure gameplay to its predecessor, though on a larger scale as KeokeN Interactive aims for a more cinematic experience. There will be a greater variety of environments and gameplay mechanics, including new precision-based climbing and expansive set-piece-style puzzles. Trailers have also hinted at a chance to pilot a Mars Rover at some point!

Is there a trailer for Deliver Us Mars?

Yes! Deliver Us Mars has revealed a few trailers at this point, with each one promising some hard-hitting sci-fi in a quest to save Earth, as well as some smaller-scale personal stakes. Check this one out:

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